What NOT to do during pregnancy (oops)

It’s very easy to find lengthy lists about what you shouldn’t do during pregnancy.  Fingers crossed nothing I’ve done has caused any harm to the unborn one, but so far I think I’ve done a great many of them.

Changed kitty litter (BF working away from home – who else was going to do it?), drank wine (small doses), smoked cigarettes (ditto), eaten sushi (but not sashimi), eaten sandwiches with chicken, ham, goats cheese and runny egg (not all together), enjoyed a latte and dyed my hair.

Some will write me off as selfish (quite possibly true) but I’ve found it nigh on impossible to not do any of these things at all – especially at the beginning of the pregnancy when I was getting used to all the restrictions after leading a lifestyle where I did what I want, when I wanted (note:  I’ve also been known to count chocolate and wine as dinner, not floss every day, go to bed without washing my face and eat meat from non-organic sources).

One of my sisters waggled her finger at me, pointing out it’s only 9 months and you can do without anything for that long, but part of me believes if you really, really crave something it’s better to bow to the craving for your mental health if nothing else, so long as you are making the right choices most of the time.

I could be wrong – another friend who previously suffered a late term miscarriage (and now has a healthy 6 month old) admonished me at what seemed like every turn – “how would you feel if something did go wrong?” – but her words never managed to stick 101% of the time.

Another thing that makes these decisions more difficult it the conflicting advice out there.  On the topic of alcohol alone, an article on Essential Baby reports that no alcohol should be consumed at all during pregnancy, followed closely by another article claiming researchers have discovered that low or even moderate alcohol consumption is considered safe.  Another article even ‘confirms’ that low alcohol consumption during pregnancy leads to less behavioural problems in children.

I wonder what other ladies out there think – you may have sworn off even the odd glass of champagne but can’t live without your Sunday morning runny egg.  Or you may live like a Buddha all week but sneak a puff of a friends cigarette when out for a weekly decaf. Where do you draw the line?


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