taking baby on holiday – the fine line between genius and insanity

Here’s how the daydream goes:  after a long, restful sleep in a gorgeous waterfront villa, my partner and I awake to play with our gorgeous, smiling bundle of joy (who is about three months old at this stage).

After a quick feed for baby, the BF and I settle down to a sumptuous breakfast of tropical fruits, delicate pastries and strong, sweet coffee.

The three of us head down to the beach and settle under sum palm trees, swaying in the breeze, to watch the sunlight play on the water and some locals go about their daily business.

After another quick (but entirely fulfilling) feed for babe we hand him/her over to a smiling local mama to  lie down for an hour long head to toe massage and then – so soon! – it’s time for a decadent three course lunch.  For the purposes of this daydream this is accompanied by a cocktail or two, possibly in a pineapple and definitely with an umbrella.

I don’t often voice this daydream because as soon as I mention I’m planning (well, thinking about) a holiday with a new baby I’m met with guffaws, raised eyebrows, concern, or a mixture of the three.

What’s so wrong with my dream?

Nothing, in my mind.  But as others have pointed out, plenty. 

Firstly – the long, lazy sleeps (all through the night) are an impossibility, or so I’m told.  Frequent naps may be an option but rather than a refreshing moment of shut-eye after a meal, they will be the only shut eye I get.

And the usual aspects of tropical travel such as heat, lack of schedule and possibly questionable hygiene will be magnified with a baby on board.

All is not lost however.  Dugald Jellie recently wrote an article in the Herald, Baby steps in Bali, that borders on inspirational.

While he does say that the trip is reminiscent of a sequel to Eat Pray Love, “Cry, Poo, Dribble” there are plenty of good pointers and reassurance that a holiday with a young baby is, in fact, possible.

Has anyone else pursued this potentially idiotic dream? Maybe I should stick with the babymoon…


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