does my cat know I’m pregnant?

Cats often get a bad rap.  Not from me, mind, I love them.  But from dog lovers and anyone who just, well, doesn’t like cats.

I’ve never really understood how people can say they’re unfriendly, aloof, selfish etc etc but maybe they’ve just never met the right cats.

I grew up in a cat household, and since leaving home have had a succession of cats come into my life. My current feline companion, Rocky, has always been a wonderful boy – friendly and full of personality.

But throughout my pregnancy he seems to have become even more affectionate, loving and sociable, loving nothing more than to rest his head (or whole body) across my belly while gazing up at me with adoration in his eyes.

So is he giving me some extra cat-love and support through the pregnancy?  Or does he just like the extra warmth from my belly (and possibly the vibrations from baby’s heartbeat)? Or am I imagining the whole thing?

Nikole Gipps, an animal behaviourist writing for  (she writes about dogs and other pets too if you dont dig cats) says there’s no scientific evidence either way, but she does believe cats (and dogs) can be become more responsive and even overprotective during an owner’s pregnancy.

She does also warn that cats can ‘turn’ at the first sign of change or neglect and start acting out – hopefully this doesn’t happen to me!

I’d love to know if anyone else thinks their pet changed during their pregnancy, or maybe you think I’m just a little bit crackers.


4 Responses to “does my cat know I’m pregnant?”

  1. I’ve heard the same from friends, but on the odd occasion the cat didn’t know how to welcome the baby. From what I’ve learnt with bringing other pets home, if the pet is adores you, purhaps get your partner to walk into the house with the baby. My friend walked into her house with a new kitten she found, and her adoring cat continues to attack it out of jealousy.

    That said, when my father stuffed his shoulder years ago, our dog (staffy x blue heeler) knew it. She’d often lick it when he was lying down, and even knew to bring the ball to the other hand.

    I’d teach the cat that the baby’s room is off limits though, just in case they decide to sit on it’s head. I remember watching Dr Harry where the parents had to get a fly screen door put on the baby’s room because the cat wanted in, and was often found sitting on it’s head or stomach!

  2. That picture of the cat with the melon helmet! It’s priceless!


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