doing a demi – pregnancy photos

Before getting pregnant, I never thought I’d get a pregnancy photo done. Firstly, I don’t like getting my photo taken at the best of times and secondly, I assumed I’d feel like a water buffalo.

While both of those points might still be true (and am sure the water buffalo feeling is set to reach dizzy new heights soon enough) my BF brought up the issue and thinking about it now, I’d be quite keen to get one done.

Why the change of mind?  Well, even though I do feel somewhat rotund, I quite like it.  Besides, the big belly makes my thighs look slimmer (kind of).

Pregnant bodies are beautiful in all shapes and sizes and I would like a decent photo (ie not an iphone snap in semi-darkness) to capture this time.

Also, I know I would have loved to have had a preggy pic of my mum – such a shame they didn’t happen so much in those days of muu muus and giant smocks!

photo courtesy of Shannon Elise Photgraphy

To figure out what to do and when to do it, I had a chat to the delightful Shannon of Shannon Elise Photography, who has been photographing babies and pregnant women for 10 years.  Here’s what she had to say:

“Pregnancy is my favourite time to shoot as it’s such a unique and spiritual time. I get satisfaction and enjoyment being able to capture this time in a creative and artistic way.

It’s so nice to create images that become a record of a special time.  Making the pregnant women feel comfortable and still sexy in front of the camera also makes me happy.”

Why do you think it’s a good idea to take pregnancy photos?

There is an increase in pregnancy photography, due to well known photographer Annie Leibovitz photographing Demi Moore in 1991 for the cover of Vanity Fair.

Cindy Crawford soon followed in 1999 for W Magazine.  At the time, Demi’s shot created controversy, but since then the trend has taken off.

Women and society in general are far more open and comfortable with being photographed at this stage in their life.

It’s common to walk into someone’s house and see a pregnancy portrait hanging as a piece of art.

Also, it’s just a lovely thing to do, and recorded forever for the next generations to keep as memories.”

How do you like to photograph pregnant women?

“I love natural light and find this to be the most flattering, or if I use flash light I still use it in a way that produces a natural look.

Using different fabrics, beads, backdrops and angles makes every woman s photographs different.”

Do you have any tips for preparing for a pregnancy photo shoot?

“Just try and relax as much as possible, where possible discuss ideas and props with the photographer beforehand so you both know what’s going on.

Don’t wear too much make up & bring clothes and items that make you feel good, or that have sentimental value.

A good photographer will be able to hide any imperfections such as cellulite, veins and stretch marks with good lighting so don’t let those things worry you on the day.”

When is the best time for a pregnancy photo shoot and why?

“I would suggest around the 7-8 month mark but this comes down to the individual, you want to be still feeling energetic and comfortable. In terms of time of day, probably mornings would be better when you’re not as tired, but again this is a personal preference.”

If you fancy skipping the pregnancy shoot but want some extra special portraits once bub arrives, Shannon has some additional advice for newborn/baby photography:

“For newborn shots, up to about six weeks is best, once you’ve settled in at home and have relaxed into the role of mum!

If you want to pass on the newborn look, around six-eight months is a great time to start.  Eight months is a fantastic time for a second shoot, after your newborn shots, as your child will be full of personality and character!”

Thanks Shannon for your excellent advice!

Shannon is based in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.  Her contact details (and a sample of her stunning portraits) can be found on her website, Shannon Elise Photography.


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  1. If you book your session through Allybubba blog you will receive a complimentary 8×10 inch photograph.
    * Conditions apply

    Contact Shannon on 0416 053 571 or

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