baby body love versus my new beer belly

Am all set to be a bridesmaid this weekend, for the second time in my pregnancy.

The first time, at about 14 weeks, I just had what looked like a pot belly, easily covered with a bouquet.

This time I look more like I’m smuggling a sack of potatoes under my dress.  At least I have a good excuse, although am not so sure what the excuse is with the rest of my body!

Thinking that I’d feel better with a bit of colour, I went and got a spray tan this evening. 

One of the ladies at the tanning place gave me a mask and pointed at my belly.

“So you don’t breathe in too many fumes”, she said.

Rightio, I thought quite gladly.  At least I’m looking obviously pregnant now, even in my spray tan appropriate dark sack dress.

But then halfway through the tan, the child spraying me asked why I was wearing the mask.  “Because I’m pregnant”, I told her. “The fumes…”

“Oh! I didn’t realise”, she said.

Hmmmm.  This means that either she is quite stupid OR the rest of my body has caught up with my belly and she thought I just carried my weight ‘out front’ in the manner of an old, male booze hound.

I’m going to go with stupid, or the whole baby body confidence thing is going to go right out the window.

Nothing like calling someone stupid to make you feel a bit better about yourself!

Happy weekend everyone, hope you have a good one.

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