babes and boys

At my friends wedding over the weekend it seemed the topic of pregnancy and babies kept coming up over and over (and over and over) again.

Not that I minded, it was great to have a chance to catch up with so many other preggers ladies, and new mums and dads.

What really interested me though were the comments and suggestions I received from the men.

Generally they seemed to fall into two narrow (and in thinking about it, unsurprising) categories:

Boobs: how big they get when pregnant and how big they get once the milk comes in.  This topic proved to be a limitless talking point for the males.

Sex during pregnancy: what positions to avoid, and the seemingly universal fear that the baby knows what’s going on (or can, at least, feel it).  A surprising number of dads voiced their concerns that the baby would harbour resentment or anger at them ‘doing it’ with the baby’s mother.  Now that’s Freudian for you.

Most of the guys also mentioned the love they feel for their new baby and how their feelings amazed them, no matter how much they had prepared for it. This was really sweet to hear.

I was surprised at the number of new dads who wanted to do it all again, straight away (this was normally coupled by statements about how great it was to have a free ‘taxi’ for nine months).  Most of the new mums agreed but I must say they seemed a bit more hesitant, preferring to leave more of a gap between bubs.

Let me know if you have a funny story about what the men in your life have said about pregnancy or babies, or any men out there who have something to add – I’d love to hear from you!


One Comment to “babes and boys”

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