no visitors allowed?

Mia Freedman recently wrote about the dos and don’ts of visiting new mums in hospital (seems like it’s more of a don’t, actually). 

While it was a great article I admit to feeling more and more guilt as I read on, remembering the birth of my niece seven years ago.

She was my sister’s second baby and it was a quick birth but as soon as the announcement was made, I hopped on the bus from work over to the hospital to say hello to the hour-old darling girl.

I thought it was just fabulous playing the part of the proud new auntie, even having a bit of a go on the gas after handing the little bundle back to my (no doubt overwhelmed) big sister.

But now I feel terrible for gatecrashing the party after reading Mia’s article! Even worse, I’ve started to get karma-based fears. 

Instead of having some precious time for BF and I to get acquainted with our newest family member I’m fairly certain I’ll be hearing the pitter patter of big feet.

And if I do end up in that boat?  So long as they bring cupcakes (chocolate, please) I’ll try to grin and bear any well wishers, and be grateful to have family and friends around to share the joy.   

Who knows, I might be like the mums commenting on Mia’s story who enjoyed the visitor experience (fingers crossed!).

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4 Comments to “no visitors allowed?”

  1. Each woman is different. If your sister called and let you know she was up for visitors, then no worries. When you have your baby you can choose to have visitors only at certain times – the nurses will let others know not to go in the room.

    Personally I wasn’t up for visitors. Well I just didn’t want them. I like to wear my own clothes and have a place to sit that isn’t in a bed etc. With our first everyone was able to come to our home once we got home – with our second they could come for one day – then we reserved the right to not answer the door or phone for two weeks. It’s what worked for us – it’s what we needed. If you like the visitors, then have them over. If not, tell them to leave or do the dishes.

    • Thanks mamadandelion, great points. I guess i’ll just have to wait and see, not sure how I feel about it at this stage. Personally I’d like to be able to use that last bit for unwanted visitors at any stage of life, not just new-mum stage: “tell them to leave or do the dishes”.

  2. : ) It would be nice if it worked at other times.

  3. Oooh… toughie! I’m having a minor drama on that front too. It’s not easy when you know the motivation is love overload.

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