maybe babymoon

I’ve been a bit flat out lately between selling a property, hunting for a new more family friendly abode, weddings (and associated hens parties etc), preparing for baby, catching up with friends and family, work etc etc etc – you know how it is.

As a reward – and who needs an excuse for a mini break anyway – I’ve decided that a babymoon is in order (although I haven’t yet given up my idea of a holiday after baby!).

Here are my picks to head to tout suite if we happen to get well over and above what we’re expecting from the property sale!

Pretty Beach House

Pretty Beach House (picture courtesy of Australian Traveller)

I’ve had my eye on this place since it first came across my radar a year or so ago.  It’s not cheap, but then a true combination of style and luxury never is.

Located in the Bouddi National Park on NSWs Central Coast, only three villas make up the accommodations here, each with their own plunge pool.

If we feel like meandering down to the beach (and a beautiful one it is, was lucky enough to be there on Australia Day) we can choose to be guided there taking a scenic bushwalk route, or can go solo (carrying thoughtfully packed, personalised Pretty Beach House backpacks.)

What really gets me though, are the all-inclusive meals designed by chef extraordinaire Stefano Manfredi.

A pregnant gal needs her vices and boy oh boy is mine great food – can think of nothing better than lazing around a lap pool in secluded bushland, sampling the delights of a renowned chef.

So why am I waiting?  Well, the price for one.  And two?  All inclusive means alcohol included – seems a shame to let specially selected fine wines go to waste, non?

Wolgan Valley Resort

Another pick that doesn’t quite fall into the budget category, at almost $2,000 per night (they do, however, have a some specials which brings the price down a tad).

This beauty is located in the Blue Mountains and takes around three hours to get to from Sydney (or just 45 minutes by helicopter if you want to dip into baby’s trust fund).

Wolgan Valley Resort (picture courtesy of Gourmet Traveller)

Again, each self-contained villa has its own pool and the price includes all meals and selected beverages.

One thing (apart from the price) that has me hesitating is that the resort offers some great activities like horse riding and mountain biking that sound perfect…for someone who isn’t pregnant.

Still, if we make a property market killing you’ll find me here (actually you wont find me, Ill be in my private villa).

Now if only they would put together some kind of babymoon package with pregnancy massages, ahhhhh.

Other honourable mentions have to go to Bedarra Island, Qualia and Southern Ocean Lodge, Kangaroo Island. Yum. Yum. Yum.

Bedarra Island Resort...*sigh*

But – if it turns out we don’t get the money we were after from the property sale?  I’m more than happy to hotfoot it to any of these locales:

Bells at Killcare – comprising Stefano Manfredi’s hatted restaurant of the same name, and sister venue to Pretty Beach House.  I love the idea of the cook yourself gourmet breakfast hamper – maintain your privacy (ie walk around in your underwear) and feel like a Michelin star chef at the same time.

Artist’s Cottage @ Port Douglas – whimsical holiday rental in Port Douglas, for a self contained holiday that packs some heat.  Might be a goer when stinger season is over and bub, the BF and I need to get out of the cold Sydney winter.

If anyone else has some babymoon suggestions I’d love to hear from you!  Until then I’ll keep dreaming…



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