lust haves…just add baby

The more I look at baby gear, the more I realise I need (well, want).

My newest lust-have is the ubabub nifty clear cot (the pod cot, also from ubabub, is pretty darn nice as well).

the nifty clear from ubabub

It combines two of my favourite things – well designed furniture and sleeping.  I just wish they made them for adults! 

Loving the clear sides so baby can look out and mum and dad can look in, rather than over & down.

The nifty clear doesn’t come cheap, but perhaps the fact that it converts to a junior bed (and is Australian made, super safe and ecologically friendly) justifies the hefty price tag? Yes, yes, yes!

Aside from winsome cots and change tables, the ububub site also has some gorgeous prints for decorating the nursery.

Next on the lust have list is the mini happle night light from the hip infant

happle light from the hip infant

My BF doesn’t understand my obsession with a) red things or b) apple shaped things (I also have a problem with stripes, but not sure a stripey red apple would look so cute). 

I say, what’s not to understand?  An apple a day…

Envisaging peaceful night time feeds is easy looking at the Nurseryworks Sleepytime Rocker (I found this on metromum). 

Another one of those items of furniture designed with the nursery in mind but one that I would happy with in pretty much any room of the house (even looks comfy enough for a night on the balcony with a cold cocktail).

sleepytime rocker by nurseryworks

The fact that’s its water and stain resistant makes it perfect for cocktails too.  I mean, feeding baby. Ahem.

I can’t leave out the owl family mobile (made from sustainably harvested bamboo), from state of green.

I’d have to keep it up high though so puss puss couldn’t decide it was his newest toy. It’s all a bit owl and the pussycat, really.

It can’t really get much cuter than that, although state of green has tons of great nursery additions (plus some extra items if you get sick of all things baby, like some jewellery treats for mum…hint hint).

So these are the items I’ll be buying next (right after I take that holiday I’ve been planning).

I’m sure there will be plenty of new additions to the list after another week of browsing.  And no, no one has asked or paid me to extol the virtues of my latest lust haves. I just love them that much.


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