on the move

A recent post on The Yummy Mummy Train made me think about my own experiences with fetal movements (a term I am loathe to use as it reminds me of something else entirely…substitute the t with a c in fetal and you’ll get my drift.)

It all started a month or so ago with what’s known as ‘the quickening’ – another term I’m not too fond of as it kinds of sounds like something old fashioned and a touch witchcrafty don’t you think?

The quickening is often described as internal butterflies and I can’t think of a much better way to put it (other common descriptions are corn popping or fingernails scratching your insides).

"Kicking" by Matthew John Lake

Just as I got comfortable with that fluttering feeling I’m noticing stronger movements, although I’m not sure I would describe them as kicks (perhaps they aren’t?).

The first obvious movement I’m feeling (and please excuse the horrible description here) is a kind of more intense version of the quickening, that I can only liken to that feeling you get when you’ve eaten something dodgy that needs to be evacuated, and fast (again, sorry for the description).

At first I kept thinking that was indeed what was happening, but it never did – so I’m guessing it’s the baby because its been going on a number of times a day for a couple weeks or so now.

The second feeling of movement is a lot more forceful, but I wouldn’t describe it as a kick either.  It feels like the baby has stretched its legs out and is pushing with all its might against the wall of my belly (when this happens I have to take a look – am positive I will see a big foot or head shaped bulge sticking out, but I never do).

This is a pretty uncomfortable (although not necessarily painful) experience and I’m hoping it doesn’t get much worse during the pregnancy as it kind of stops me in my tracks if I’m, say, walking down the street – luckily it seems to happen more when lying down.

I was a bit concerned about this feeling, and it’s a hard one to google – using search terms that include baby+pushing tend to generate labour related sites or (much more worryingly, premature labour sites).

I’d love to hear from others about their baby’s movements, or if you know what might be causing my baby to push out so hard!?

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2 Responses to “on the move”

  1. Update: that pushing feeling I’ve been getting?

    Well, from what I can tell, its Braxton Hicks contractions. I always thought these came on in the week or so before pregnancy but apparently they can start at just 16 weeks and are just one of the ways your body prepares itself for birth http://www.babycenter.com.au/pregnancy/antenatalhealth/physicalhealth/braxtonhicks/


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