moving on

Old house sold – tick.  New house bought?  Hmmm.  BF and I went house hunting on the weekend, which wasn’t much fun in 35 degree heat, or sensible – the only houses we liked had pools, aircon and are probably out of our price range.

I must say I’m well and truly the feeling the nesting urge and, if it wasn’t for the more sensible brain of my partner I’d probably put a down payment on the first house I came across, just so we could start decorating the nursery.

Image by © Rick Gomez/CORBIS

While there’s no problem staying where we are for now (we’re renting while we find the perfect house for our new family), moving with a newborn (or even new-ish born) doesn’t sound like heaps of fun.

So my work day at the moment involves five minutes of work, five minutes of looking at houses, back to work, back to houses, and so on.  Not very productive.

To throw a spanner in the works, I’ve finally put two and two together – BF is a builder and I work for some of the best residential architects/interior designers around – so why not find something that needs a lot of work and capitalise on a bargain, with a lot of the labour done for free, or mates rates?

For one, any renovations we undertake might not be finished by the time the baby is born.  And one thing worse than moving with a newborn would have to be living in a construction site with a barely functional kitchen and bathroom.

Secondly, being around paint fumes and dust is no good for me or the baby (good excuse to head out and go shopping though while someone else does the work!).

Kylie Orr on Essential Baby helps to uncover a whole host of other problems with my reno ideas, but I can’t take them in at the moment – my head is too full of designer kitchen and bathroom fantasies.

The silver lining?  I always tend to overdo it with the rushing around and lifting side of things when I move or do renovation work.  This time I’m going to use my perfectly reasonable excuse to sit back and direct any helpers.

If you’re in the same boat as me, and Pregnancy Today have some practical advice for anyone else thinking of moving while pregnant.

Put it over there, boys!


One Comment to “moving on”

  1. Oooohh… potential house move! How exciting! And at least your BF has manly man skills. That is going to be heaps helpful, even if you end up buying a near-new house. Such a cost saver!

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