storm in a D-cup

So I finally went to get fitted for maternity/nursing bras yesterday. 

I honestly don’t know why it’s taken me so long considering a) I outgrew my regular bras pretty much as soon as I fell pregnant b) I’m (usually) quite the advocate for properly fitting undergarments and c) I’ve always been a more regular buyer of pretty underwear than any other item of clothing.

But for whatever reason, six months down the pregnancy path I found myself in a change room being pushed and prodded by the bra fitter.

What surprised me was the number of lovely bras that were available in the maternity section.  

My only other experience with maternity/nursing bras came from my sister who gave me a couple of that had never fitted her, and they were totally snooze inducing. 

That being said, she shops almost exclusively from Bonds so I shouldn’t have been surprised (don’t get me wrong, nothing with a bit of Bonds for day to day). But I prefer something a bit more glamorous, even if you wouldn’t normally expect it from my generally casual getup.

So after a few hits and misses, I found a few lovely bras, and was told that my new size is a D-cup.  But not for long – apparently I’m due to outgrow these soon for a double-D – bring out the big guns!

This must be a pretty common size for pregnant ladies because as soon as I was told my new size I hotfooted it over to the racks to pick my size from my fave bras in the selection.  And lo and behold, there were none there.  Plenty of Bs, Cs, and Fs – but no Ds or double Ds (but isn’t that always the way?)

Looks like I’ll be taking this search online, as I have with all my other maternity gear.  I’ll be checking out hotmilk and elle mcpherson (my usual go-to brand) but I’d love to hear from anyone else who knows of some comfortable (yet a little bit spesh) brands online.

UPDATE: after a few hours trawling online I am now the proud owner of some lovely lingerie BUT it took me forever to find.  Easy to find some gorgeous styles, but in my size?  Not so lucky. Why, why, why do they always have only super small and super large sizes left?  Designers and manufactuers, hello!? Please unite and start producing more items in middle of the road sizes, thanks.  And thanks also to Trixan Body where I finally was able to locate my very average sized underwear!


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