it’s t-shirt time

Stuck at home today with something halfway between a cold/flu – normally Id just pop a few Codral and soldier on as they say, but seeing as I can’t take anything more effective than panadol am going to treat this thing with some r&r and check out some of the cuter baby t-shirts I could find online.

Yes, it’s t-shirt time, for those Jersey Shore viewers among us.

Not knowing the gender of my baby makes it a little bit harder (I keep looking wistfully at the cutesy girl wear) but there’s plenty of gender neutral tops to keep me going.

chimp dj from rock your baby

First cab off the rank is Rock Your Baby, a veritable treasure trove of gear for your little rock star. 

Some of them a lot of grown-ups will love, but might scare the littlies a bit (eg the chimp dj) but I guess a baby won’t know one way or the other.

There’s plenty of stripes too, but while my fancy towards the horizontal band borders on ridiculous, am not sure if I should indulge it tooooo much with baby clothes – a bit scared of ending up like those weird women who dress the same as their kids.

That being said, the little sailor girl number is pretty cute (oops, there I go looking at girl things again!  But I guess it’s a hard habit to break after 30 years).

sailor girl from Rock Your Baby

There are tons of sweet prints and graphics at Rock Your Baby, too many to mention them all – but the cherry print holds a place in my heart.

And I just realised I have basically summarised everything I love about baby gear (and home decorating come to think of it) – animals, fruit and stripes.

Staying on the fruit bandwagon, am loving the smalfolk apple delight t (you can pick this up at babysgotstyle).

Along with the apple t there are plenty of fruity/stripey/animal numbers to keep me happy, but even better I think are the shirts they have for toddlers and little kids. 

smalfolk apple t

I have a suspicion that many of them play up to parents a lot more than kids though and while that is pretty much expected, I imagine that when the little ones are old enough to have a say in what they wear, the Dora the Explorer shirt that grandma bought is going to get more of a look in than the shirt that makes dad feel cool.

Then there are the “funny” shirts of the iPood variety – some funny, some not so much.

The “I only cry when ugly people hold me” number is a good example of one which could be funny, but I dont like because I’m one of those people that makes babies cry when I hold them (hopefully this is a problem that can be rectified with practice).

I feel the same way about a lot of these comedy shirts on my baby as I do when adults wear them – Ill laugh at them occasionally (especially after a few beers) but wouldn’t wear them myself. 

But a few such as the “Congratulations, you get to sit near me” top from milkbomb (perfect for that holiday with a newborn) or the paperclip shirt from squirtshirts just might change my mind.


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