dream on, dreamer

My beloved ‘what to expect…’ iphone app had bad news for me this morning – any discomfort I’ve been feeling is only going to get worse from here on in!

This is a little bit scary, because my sleep is already up the creek – and as someone who NEEDS 8 hours of solid sleep to function I’m not a happy camper (I know Ill laugh at this in a few months time when Ill be lucky to get a couple of hours at once).

So why the sleeping problems?

The cramps for one. The incessant kicking – which stops enough during the day for me to freak out, but really revs up at about 10pm or whenever I switch off the bedside lamp.

But more than anything, its the dreams.

Some horrifying, all way too vivid.

I read somewhere (damned if I can find it now, maybe I dreamt it) that these dreams/nightmares are actually very helpful at forcing you to think about your fears and anxieties, and often women who suffer form these vivid nightmare end up with less anxiety once the baby is born because they’ve sifted through a lot of their issues beforehand.

Yay for me!

If only I could find the article.

There are however simliar sentiments in other articles, such as this one from BabyZone, which also covers the different types of dreams you can expect during each trimester.

For example, “The second trimester is also prime time for anxiety dreams, reflecting a woman’s concerns as to whether or not she’ll be a good mother. These dreams often involve leaving the baby somewhere or having a baby born deformed or severely undersized.”

As someone who frequently dreams that I’ve left my undersized, premature baby somewhere (usually under a pile of clothes) I can breathe a bit easier knowing it’s a normal dream to have and nothing (too) prophetic.

Another reason for these dreams? BabyCenter reports that “you are more likely to interrupt a dream-filled cycle of REM sleep by frequent waking during the night to go to the loo, ease a leg cramp, or move to a more comfortable position.”

All makes sense, now.

Now if only someone could explain last night’s dream that was a drama/action/horror musical set to TLC’s ‘Creep’.


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