Mia Culpa, Confessions from the Watercooler of Life

I pretty much love anything Mia Freedman puts on paper.

I’ve read Mama Mia (A Memoir of Magazines, Men and Motherhood) three times, save her column in the Sunday papers til last so the whole paper-reading experience always ends on a high note, and check out mamamia.com at least daily.

My ultimate fantasy/job would be that Mia has a spelling problem and needs someone (me) to sit by her desk all day while she whips out witty articles for me to proofread, in between going over trashy websites and magazines, eating cakes and drinking champagne (not much of a job really but I never claimed to be a career go-getter).

So you can imagine how much I was looking forward to reading her new book, Mia Culpa, Confessions from the Water Cooler of Life.

I couldn’t wait.


So when I popped into my favourite bookstore at lunch the other day and saw it there, I snapped it right up and had half finished it by the time I got off the bus home from work.

So what’s it like?

Well, imagine you’re single and at a wedding, or a bar, or wherever.

Across the crowded room you lock eyes with one of the most handsome men you’ve ever seen.

As luck would have it, one of your friends knows him and introduces you, and a wonderful night follows.  Not just good looking, he is witty, entertaining, sweet, kind, funny – all in all, a perfect package.

The only catch is, he is leaving for a round the world trip the next day and wont be back for six months.

So you keep in contact via email, facebook etc and finally he returns and you’ve set up a date.

You can’t wait.  You’ve primped and preened yourself to the closest state to polished perfection you’ll ever be, bought a ludicrously expensive new frock and shoes to match, and had your hair styled in a super sexy, glamourous do (that manages not to look like a ‘do’ at all).

You meet up.

He is still handsome – just not as great as you remembered.  Maybe you had the beer goggles on the first time?

He is still witty – but all the stories he tells are the same as the one he told you the first night you met.

And while here is nothing technically wrong with him at all, you’re just not feeling the love.

This is how I feel about Mia Culpa – I really, really wanted to love it but I just dont feel ‘it’.

There was nothing I hadn’t read before in the new book – much of it word for word.

But just because the book seems to be a rehash of Sunday columns and mamamia posts (with a bit of the Mama Mia book version 1.0 thrown in for good measure) doesnt make it a bad book, not at all – I’ve just read it all before.  Mia culpa!


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