on the a-list – celebrity pregnancies

I’m feeling well and truly on-trend and it’s got nothing to do with a new dress, hair cut or bag (although one of each wouldn’t hurt).

It’s because it seems as though I’m pregnant along with a whole host of celebs (not to mention other well-known folk who’ve recently become mothers).

So how are they tracking compared to us mere mortals?

Pink (due any time now) has been getting a lot of flack for her burgeoning frame, but I think she looks great – it’s a nice departure from her usual uber-fit, muscular look.

She recently tweeted about feeling clumsy after falling up the stairs – after several falls (and uncountable trip-ups over the past couple months, which have lead to being banned by the boy from wearing certain shoes, I can totally feel her pain.

Also up the duff (for the second time) is cutie Kate Hudson.

Apparently Kate gained around 60 pounds with her first bub so I guess she is hoping for a more restrained pregnancy the second time round (or maybe not, it’s her business after all).

What I love most about following in Pink and Kate Hudsons’s footsteps is that they make me feel a bit more normal – looking at recent pics of them they look like I feel.

A little bigger than usual, not all that comfortable and a little bit bloated. God love em!

On the other side of the spectrum are the celebrities who make being perfectly pregnant an art form.

Natalie Portman is looking radiant and apart from a delicate bump, not much different from her usual stunning self.

Of course it’s not her fault she looks so good – I’m just going to avoid looking at too many pics of her!

Toni Collette is expecting shortly and I can say from personal experience she is looking great.

Usually compared unfavourably with more glamorous actresses, I bumped into her in the ladies at the Eddie Vedder concert in Sydney and she looked divine – dressed for comfort but oozing style, with a wicked flash of hot pink lipstick.

Like everyone who ever spots celebs out and about, I must say she looked a trillion times better than I expected – she kind of has a dowdy reputation but next to her I felt like a bag of old potatoes.

A notable mention has to go to Rachel Zoe who recently gave birth to her first son, Skyler.

I actually thought she was due much later in the year because of her teeny tiny bump, but given her miniature frame I guess it’s not surprising she didn’t beef up too much (if I had a wardrobe full of Chanel couture maybe I would avoid the pre- and post-dinner ice creams as well).

Mariah Carey is expecting twins any day now with hubby Nick Cannon – she’s been given plenty of grief about her recent tweet including a pic of her expectant belly, complete with rolled-down trackie dacs.

Normally so glammed up, it’s a rare moment of ‘normal’ for the diva, and I like it.

Which other celebs can we expect to lose a whole lotta sleep pretty soon (if it wasn’t for the nannies and other help, of course)?

Victoria Beckham (baby number 4), Alicia Silverstone, Selma Blair, Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Connolly and Emma ‘Baby Spice’ Bunton.

Looks like I’m in good company! Let’s just hope they all refrain from ‘how I lost my baby weight in just 2 days and now weigh less than my baby’ type magazine spreads (I’m not holding my breath though).

Check out:   Essential Baby’s gallery of pregnant celebs, including Mariah, Miranda, Kendra and Britney.



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