i’m back, baby

Time to get back on the blogging bandwagon.  My oh my, what a busy couple of weeks it’s been!

Since my last post it seems like a million things have happened, way too many for one little post. 

But I have to start somewhere, right?

I thoroughly enjoyed a gorgeous baby shower, courtesy of the lovely girls I am lucky to know (thanks ladies, you know who you are!). 

This deserves a post all in itself, one which will be forthcoming soon.

As a few of my fellow bloggers have mentioned they weren’t so sure about the whole idea but it was such a lovely opportunity to catch up with everyone at one place and time it shouldn’t be missed (plus, who can say no to cake and presents?)

I’ve finally finished up work, for now anyway, and despite having already been asked to go back for a few days here and there it’s lovely to have a chance to focus on the impending arrival and get everything ready for baby.

That being said – one of the projects I was most looking forward to once maternity leave started was decorating the nursery.

However, while we have finally taken posession of our new abode, the nest feathering will have to wait, for now.

The initial plan was to put in a new kitchen, freshen up the paint and work out the rest later.

‘Later’ has turned out to be now, so we currently have a kitchen that is a shell (and by shell I mean exposed joints, no ceiling, no walls and patchy floor covering). 

Ditto for the bathroom, family room and dining room.

My earlier wishes to have the baby arrive early have not just flown out the window, they’ve packed their bags and headed overseas.

Painting didnt seem like such a major issue but because of the previous paint used, every surface has to be sandpapered – by hand (and while all the heavy labouring/reinforcement work goes on, guess who gets this job?).

I had thought that my heavily pregnant state would excuse me from a lot of this but lo and behold, a dust and fumes mask has been procured for me so I can work away (woo hoo). 

It would be tempting to leave it for someone else but with the sheer volume of work to be done, it’s all hands on deck.

Even the nest-feathering activities like selecting light fittings, tile and carpet colours and so on are leaving me a wee bit flummoxed.

I’m normally pretty good at making decisions so am putting this down to pregnancy hormones,  otherwise I have no way to explain staring blankly at a wall of tiles for over an hour the other day.  I’m surprised they didn’t ask me to leave the store.

To add to the workload we’re due to move out of the old place in a matter of days so after a long day of sanding, painting and numerous trips to the hardware (and burger shop) I come home for a couple of hours of sorting and packing (and to be honest, staring at the piles of odds and ends wondering what to do with it all).

Silver linings? 

In all my hurry to finish up with work, I forgot that I get bored FAST, so having a million things to do at once is a great way to take the mind off pre-labour jitters.

And having to move is the best opportunity for a spring clean/rubbish clear out.

I’m clutching at straws here, but doing some manual labour also means upping the ice-cream ante comes with a lot less guilt!

Today we had a much-earned break in the form of baby class (like the shower, this deserves a post of it’s own). 

Don’t think I could move a muscle even if I’d wanted to work on the new place so taking some time out to learn a few things about the upcoming big day was lovely. Highly recommended!

Time to get a bit of feet-up action before another big day tomorrow, so over and out – have a lovely weekend.

PS a big shout out to Velle who has an amazing blog which never fails to give me a giggle and/or inspiration.  You pregnant mamas should check it out:  http://updaduff.wordpress.com


One Comment to “i’m back, baby”

  1. Aawww… thanks for the plug! And I cannot believe you’re sandpapering your walls in your 30-something weeks! Kudos! Completely get the whole time-snuck-up-on-you phenomenon. My nursery’s half done, too. Looking forward to reading about your baby shower!

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