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August 19, 2011

nappy-changing lullaby

Beautiful and funny lullaby written by a fellow mummy blogger, it really tells it like it is (in the nicest possible way) Nappy-changing lullaby.

August 10, 2011

baby essentials

A while ago I pondered what the most essential baby/nursery items were.  Now three months are up I have a better idea.

I have a feeling that plenty of mums would disagree with me on a few of these though!  Everyones situation is different, as is every baby.

The nursery – I busted a gut making sure the nursery was finished first during our renovations and now after three months Id say Lottie has spent less than an hour, total, in there. 

Same goes for feeding chair (in the nursery) – while of course feeding is an important time to bond, after 800 feeding sessions I’d rather chat to someone, flip through a mag, buy stuff from the etsy website or watch tv while doing it (maintaining frequent eye contact with bub, of course!)

Ditto cot/change table, although both are good storage places for now, and Im sure they will be used in future months once Charlotte progresses from the basinette into her own bed/room.

Speaking of bassinettes, it was hotly contested among my friends and family whether they were a necessity or not.  For me, yes.  There isnt the room in our bedroom for a decent sized cot, and having the bassinette means Lottie can sleep wherever I am.  This is especially important in a bigger house so you arent running up and down stairs to check on the baby every two minutes.

Pretty much everyone said wraps were a necessity but for us, not so much.

We tried them in the first few weeks but bub kept getting unwrapped or fidgeting to get her arms out.  Instead we used the Love Me Baby/Wrap Me Up swaddle from Love to Dream.

These are easy to put on/take off, and unlike a traditional wrap can be kept on in the car (there is a hole in the back for the seatbelt). 

The can be chucked in the wash, plus they make bub look like a cute little glo-worm.

My mother in law gave me a halo wrap which was better than a muslin sheet, or similar, but the velcro got stuck on everything. 

The main reason we didnt use that though is I had two of the Love Me Baby swaddles so could rotate (one in wash, one on) and only one halo wrap – I was too scared of getting dependent on the halo wrap and then not having a clean one to use in case of an accident!

The baby rocker has been a godsend – once Lottie passed the stage where she could be awake AND not crying at the same time she has spent hours in it, watching me clean up, cook, all the exciting things.

We have a Bumbo seat which is great for this too, but the position it makes Lottie sit in makes her chuck up if she has just been fed!  But babies look awesomely cute in a Bumbo seat.

While not much ‘playing’ has been done on her playmat, it is also a godsend – she is happy to lie on it kicking about for a fair while (that being said, she would prob be happy kicking about on the floor, without the mat).

The baby bath is another item that divides people but for us its been an essential – quick to fill up and easy to drain.  We put it in the big bath so it is a bit hard on your back bending down, but then so it would be in the regular bath.

One item I bought and didnt think was necessary, but sooo is, has been the nappy bin.  Especially since Lottie has been on formula which makes for some stinky nappies!

This bin magically seals the nappy into a plastic compartment/bag ready for disposal into the regular bin once the nappy bin has been filled up.  I would say if you have a small apartment/house this would be even more important.

For some bizarre reason, I find it quite fun to use (oh, the little joys!)

Baby Bjorn carrier was a priority on our shopping list, before Lottie was born, but after three months she’s only been in it once.

She was too little for it to begin with, so we went out and bough a sling (Mini Monkey) which has been awesome.

It took a little getting used to but has been used almost every day.  Apparently you can use it til toddler age but I think if you did that youd need a chiro on speed dial as it gets hard on your back (although I might need to re-read the instructions again for how to wear it).

Our pram (City Jogger) has also been an essential and Im pretty happy with it – same pram Miranda Kerr has after all! Excellent one-handed close function and plenty of other snazzy options (it is a bit on the light/flimsy side but you cant have everything and the good points far outweigh the bad).

I’m sure Ill need to update this post after another three months – in any case our little one will outgrow her bassinette and baby bath soon and we’ll be onto new solutions. 

I hear Charlotte stirring so better get a feed on, ciao for now.

August 10, 2011

the three month mark

After what seems like both an eternity and a blink of an eye, Charlotte is now three months old.  And just like everyone said, it has gotten a lot easier.

That being said, I estimate that Ive done around 800 feeds, 800 nappy changes and close to 100 baths in these first three months, so I should be getting the hang of some things by now!

It seems like she is getting so big, but while she has doubled in size since birth she is still a wee little poppet.

While I love putting her in the 000 outfits that were way to big for her as a newborn, I also feel a little sad that she is growing so fast – almost makes me want another baby already (almost, but not quite).

So what have I learned?

I’ve learned you can wake a baby up in a number of ways – sit down for a minute (especially if you sit down with a coffee/tea/glass of wine/piece of cake).  Put dinner on the table. Try and have  a nap (although I must say despite everyone telling me to ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’ Ive managed three naps during the day since she was born).

Conversely, if you want a baby to go to sleep the best way to go about it is invite visitors over who want to see her awake. Or have a doctors appointment that requires her to be awake.

Perhaps, like her mummy, Lottie is just a contrary little thing and wants to do what she wants, when she wants to.

More importantly Ive learned a lot about patience (doing stuff quickly, especially getting out and about, is a thing of the past).

And Ive learned, more than anything, about the joys of putting someone elses needs 100% before your own.  While this can be testing at times, there is definitely a certain joy in how motherhood forces you to become less selfish, and more tolerant.

Ive learned that while Obama et al might survive on 5 hours sleep a night, I do not (not well, anyway).

These days I dream not of shoes and handbags, holidays in exotic locations or a night out on the town, but of more than 3 hours sleep in one block.

Ive also learned, for future reference, not to plan on doing renovations with a newborn baby in the house.  Or at least six months either side of the estimated due date. Living in a construction zone/campsite did not make the first few weeks any easier.

All in all this has without a doubt been the hardest three months of my life, but also the most beautiful.  Now, when will I get my sleep?