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April 12, 2013

Travel to Thailand, tot in tow (part 2)

For anyone out there who read part 1 of this post, you’ll know that we were left relatively unscathed by the flight to Bangkok.

And I’m happy to report that on arrival, things remained pretty easy.

We checked into our hotel at around 1am, hoping that we would all collapse into bed and wake up at a reasonable hour, resetting our body clocks etc etc and so on.

Well.  Uncharacteristically, Lottie decided not to go to sleep, and decide that it was a most excellent time to play.  I’d like to admit that I was also in a playful mood but as it was around 4am Sydney time I basically just lay on the bed poking Lottie in the tummy with my foot every so often (not to be mean, it makes her laugh. Honest).

Anyway, at around 7am Bangkok time I had had enough of this, so hopped in the shower and took Charlotte for a stroll around the block.

Unfortunately it was already 35 degrees and on hubbys insistence we had not taken a stroller with us, so it wasn’t the most pleasant stroll.

What made it all worthwhile though was the reaction we got from everyone we passed.  From young girls to old ladies, teenaged boys and grown men – they all loved our little chubby bubba!

And I’m not talking about a little smile or a wave – young men were actually stopping on their scooters and running over to squeeze Lotties fat (yet totally delightful) white thighs.  (For some reason, noone gets excited about my chubby white thighs, but thats another matter).

We managed to squeeze in a bit of shopping and had a great time at the aquarium underneath one of the malls.  We also quickly picked up an el-cheapo stroller – if anyone tells you that you won’t use one in Bangkok, don’t listen to them!  There is a lot of walking – i.e. shopping – to be done, and the footpaths around the shopping areas are fine.

Enjoying the aquarium in Bangkok

Enjoying the aquarium in Bangkok

We all got a good feed in during the hotel breakfast, where I would usually pilfer some fruit, cheese and rolls for Lottie to munch on later.  Otherwise, baby-suited food was reasonably easy and cheap to find. I must admit to resorting to Mickey D fries on a few occasions when I couldn’t find (or didn’t trust) food that would be good for bub but hey, we were on holidays!

From Bangkok we headed over to Samui, where we stayed at the delightful Miskawaan, where we met up with the rest of our group. And what a delight it was!

We were housed in a group of villas, with every room being self-contained giving everyone privacy, but also plenty of opportunity to catch up as a group.

And for a family, it was perfect.  The staff were amazing, happy to help with anything, and especially happy to play with our little cherub while I had a massage, a cocktail, or both. They were also happy to assist if we wanted to do some fun, pre-baby type activities, like head out on a scooter to goodness knows where and just amble about.

It was right on the shallow, clean, waveless beach so we could take our choice between that and the pool, and there were plenty of grassy areas for the little one to toddle about on.

I just could not get enough of the place. So much so, we’re planning a rendezvous there sometime next year – baby # 2 plan-willing. (If you’re interested in a place like Miskawaan, check out the website – a must-do holiday for a group or big family. And don’t be put off by the prices, it works out very well if there are a few of you, especially at low season).

So all in all, the holiday was an amazing success, and if you’re thinking about heading to Thailand with a little one, I wouldn’t hesitate!

April 10, 2013

Where is baby no. 2?

Well, back to the blogdom.  These posts are so infrequent that they are more like a very neglected personal diary, collecting dust on the shelf but that’s what happens when you’re a working mum (with a sloth-like tendency for laziness).

Anyway. I’m back to vent about my troubles TTC (that’s trying to conceive, for anyone who hasn’t been in this position before).

After having Lottie I wanted a reasonable break.  In fact, I distinctly remember saying for the first three months after she was born that I was never having another one. EVAH, and at the same time thinking that people who had huge families (i.e. anyone with more than one kid) was nutso. This is despite, pre-baby, always wanting at least three kids to call my own.

Then about 6 months ago that magical memory-erasing wand was waved over me where I forgot how hard little babies can be to look after and I decided I wanted another one – pronto.

So I went off the pill and thought, like with Lottie, a new baby would be on the way very shortly, with very little effort.

A couple of months (and a fortune in pregnancy tests) later I thought hmmm…where is this baby? And so I started doing some basic charting with a phone app, to work out the best times to do the deed.

A couple more months came and went and still! No baby. So a couple months ago I bought some of those ovulation predictor kits (OPKs), thinking this will be a cakewalk now.

Not so! This month will be my third go using the OPKs and if nothing comes of it I’m going to lose my head!  Now, don’t get me wrong – I know there are lots, and lots, and lots of people who try longer than I have, and there is no doubt that age isn’t on my side, but it’s so frustrating when it was so easy the first time!

And an adorable toddler just makes you want another adorable toddler (but I probably wouldn’t say at 5pm when adorable turns to excruciating).

It is made more frustrating by the fact that I am a Planner (yes, with a capital P).  I’d planned to have the baby by November, enjoy a nice Christmas with my new four-person family then when the littlest one was old enough we could all go somewhere nice and warm (with cheap nannies) for a holiday.

I also have a bit of a work-life secret that (so mysterious!) and, if it works out, it will simply not fit in with a newborn.

Argh! What to do!  Will just cross my fingers that this month does the trick. If not? Well, we’ll just have to keep on trying.  If anyone has any advice I’d love to hear it!

PS just realised I never followed up my travel to Thailand post…maybe one day!