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January 18, 2011

the name game

Growing up, I always loved the idea of getting to name my child.

In reality, it’s turning out to be a nightmare!  BF and I just can’t agree.

My picks are generally traditional, ‘proper’, non-made up names (he says boring); his preferences lean to the (he says) unusual, I say tacky.

The current trend for traditional monikers has thrown me too – while I love most of the names in the top 20, I also don’t want my child to share its name with five others in the class.

Another issue is ‘copyright’ – most people wouldn’t want to choose a name a close friend or family member has chosen.  But what about a friend of a friend, or an old work colleague you’re unlikely to see anytime soon?

Then there’s the names that, technically, are perfect – not too popular, suit for either traditional or ethnic origin reasons, work well with baby’s surname…but also belong to a girl/boy you knew way back when who was nasty/mean/otherwise disagreeable.

Yet another problem I’m having lies with my generally fickle nature – I can lust and lust over a handbag, pair of shoes, item of jewellery – but when I’ve finally saved up enough to buy it I just don’t like it anymore.  What if I give the baby a handle I can’t stand in five years time?

And what about the rhymes, or unfortunate celebrity connotations?  I’ve always had a soft spot for Camilla, but when I mention this I either get “what, Camilla the gorilla?” or “Camilla Parker-Bowles, ugh”. 

Chatting to a mate about this I brought up the old chestnut about ‘just knowing’ the name once the baby’s born.  A new mum herself, she just laughed and said when her baby came out, covered in blood, vernix and other ‘stuff’, no name would have suited him.

My favourite (today) is Imogen, or maybe Elsa, but am yet to convince the BF.  For a boy, we both (magically) like Joshua (little Joshie), but seeing as it’s been the second most popular name over the past ten years, so does everyone else.

Now I’m resorting to any source I can for inspiration – movie credits, work databases, books, eavesdropping on strangers on the bus…

Fingers crossed we can come up with some names that we both agree on or it’s going to be ‘baby’ for a long time.

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