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April 8, 2011

the sixth sense – babymoon take 2

Six Senses Resort, Con Dao

I’ve posted a few times on the idea of a babymoon, and even taken one of sorts not long ago – or so I thought.

Apparently, traditionalists say that a babymoon is a holiday you take AFTER the baby is born, not while pregnant (although according to our friend wikipedia both are correct).

Either way, looks like a great excuse to start planning another trip – babymoon take 2.

Well, you can’t blame me for wanting to try the Six Senses resort at Con Dao, Vietnam.

I mean, come on- every new mum needs some butler service!

Someone suggested rolling the babymoon and honeymoon into the one holiday – most insane thing I ever heard!  I think a repeat visit to Con Dao is in order and I haven’t even been there once yet.

Six Senses, Con Dao - Ocean View Room

March 23, 2011

The Pram – part one

I’ve been a little quiet on the blogging front lately, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been taking it easy in preparation for bub’s arrival.

Well, not all the time.

In between liaising with the designer for the renovations to the new abode, sourcing appliances and furniture, deciding on paint colours for the nursery and the house at large and getting ready for the move, my lovely partner in crime and I finally took the long-awaited babymoon.

Kewarra Beach Resort - babymoon perfection

We spent a beautiful few days at Kewarra Beach Resort near Cairns relaxing, swimming and eating (and of course leafing through renovation mags).

If you like eating – what pregnant woman doesn’t – you can’t go wrong at Kewarra, the menu was an absolute joy to work through and the meals were a perfect punctuation to our heavenly days lazing on the beach and on our beachfront balcony.

Most importantly, the beautiful boy popped the question so there will be an easy answer when bub is asked “who’s your daddy”.

It was all very lovely and romantic, and we couldn’t be happier.

It’s lucky I love planning, checklists and research because now not only do we have baby’s arrival and renovations to plan for, but a wedding on the (far) horizon as well.

Good news and renovations aside, we decided last weekend to really make a start on getting all the required baby gear sorted.

Easier said than done.

Armed with a list of must have (and nice to have) items we hit the baby megastores, ready to go.

What did we get?

A car seat.  That’s it.

And while I’m loving the car seat (too scared to do any research on it now in case I see something bad), I’m feeling totally overwhelmed by everything we need, and all the choices out there.

After doing what may have been too much research, I had a list as long as my arm of requirements for The Pram.

Bassinet or capsule attachment, reversible handle, not too wide, not too flimsy, not too small but not too big, great for walking but manoeuvrable for city shopping and coffee shops.  Also stylish, not too mumsy OR space age, and a reasonable price (I had to add the last one after I found a emmaljunga pram that ticked most of the boxes but came in at a hefty $2200).

BF (sorry, fiancé!) and I stood there like deer in headlights, staring at the rows and rows of options, before hotfooting it out of the store into the safe and comforting arms of Ikea (that should give you some indication of how bamboozled we were, when a trip to Ikea seemed like a walk in the park).

Everyone keeps saying “just get one that will fit your lifestyle”. 

Oh, OK.  If only I knew what that was going to be!

Not knowing the area we’ll be moving to it’s hard for me to judge how much time will be spent walking (outdoors, in parks, on pavements or in the mall).

And while I have fantasies of shopping, heading to the gym and enjoying a coffee with friends – all in a morning with baby – this might be far from the reality.

Think I’ll have to take the advice of one wise friend and expectant mother – “you aren’t going to get a pram with everything you need, so compromise where you can and if you end up hating it, there’s always eBay”.

Will keep this in mind when we attempt The Pram – Round 2 on the weekend.

So what am I looking at?  As of today the top contenders are the mountain buggy and baby jogger, any advice from mums out there will be warmly appreciated.

(Don’t even get me started on cots).

HOT TIP for any budding investors out there – buy shares in ACP because I am buying up magazines in previously unheard of quantities. 

Along with reno mags, pregnancy mags and my usual fashion and gossip titles, I can now add wedding issues to the mix.  If you don’t hear from me in a while I am no doubt buried under a pile of glossy pages.

February 15, 2011

on the plus side

A little while ago I posted on some of the unwanted side effects of pregnancy, but I don’t want anyone to think that it’s all doom and gloom – far from it.

Apart from the obvious reasons why it’s nice to have a baby on the way (bringing a new life into the world, strengthening the bond with your partner etc) there are definitely some other perks that can bring a smile to your face.

Some of these might seem trivial but, much like getting an unexpected discount when you get to the cash register, they can make your day.

Carte blanche to eat whatever you want

OK, so that may not be the case. But I’m used to eating (almost whatever) I want, so having that last bit of restriction lifted has been a real pleasure.

Afternoon tea? Sure. Ice cream for dessert? Why not! Feeling a bit hefty from all the extra food? That’s just the baby weight!

And while I wouldn’t condone eating EVERYTHING in sight, it sure is nice not to feel guilty about having seconds.

Public transport

Getting an almost guaranteed seat on the bus is another little joy that can really make the day end on a high note when you’ve finished work late and don’t feel you have the energy to smile (this quickly changes when someone offers you their seat, though).

If only there was a big sign above your head begging for a seat in those early days of pregnancy when the fatigue seems at its worst!

That pregnancy glow

I’m not sure about the whole ‘glow’ thing, as a matter of course.

Most women I’ve spoken to, have felt decidedly un-glowy during certain times in their pregnancy.

But while there are days when you feel as sexy as a beached whale, paying better attention to my health does make me feel a lot healthier and happier, at least from the inside!

And I know my liver is probably dancing for joy. Which brings me to…

No ohmygod moments after too many vinos

Not everyone will get this one, but I love my wine (and beer, vodka etc). And I’ve been known to enjoy more than a couple on an embarrassingly large number of occasions in my pre-pregnancy life.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with anyone letting their hair down once in a while but if you’re like me you tend to shoot off at the mouth a bit (or a lot). And get a bit silly (insane/stupid/obnoxious).

So it’s great to wake up on a Sunday morning knowing I didn’t do anything to embarrass myself or offend anyone.

Shopaholics paradise So many excuses – sorry, important reasons – to shop!

Asos Maternity

Clothes for me (just discovered Asos Maternity, woo-ee), clothes for baby, clothes for me for after the baby, nursery gear…there are so many essentials to sort out that you pretty much won’t have time to even look at the real money wasters (that too tight frock for your old flatmate’s brothers party that you just know you’ll only wear once).

And to make sure I spend my hard earned dough in all the right places, I also get to indulge in extra glossies to satisfy my ridiculous obsession – Cosmo Pregnancy (what a joy!), Shop 4 Kids, Inside Out, Vogue Living (for the nursery, dahling).

There are plenty more to add to the list (a babymoon, well-deserved time off work and no heavy lifting to name just a few), but it’s time to put my feet up and have a bowl of ice cream.

January 28, 2011

maybe babymoon

I’ve been a bit flat out lately between selling a property, hunting for a new more family friendly abode, weddings (and associated hens parties etc), preparing for baby, catching up with friends and family, work etc etc etc – you know how it is.

As a reward – and who needs an excuse for a mini break anyway – I’ve decided that a babymoon is in order (although I haven’t yet given up my idea of a holiday after baby!).

Here are my picks to head to tout suite if we happen to get well over and above what we’re expecting from the property sale!

Pretty Beach House

Pretty Beach House (picture courtesy of Australian Traveller)

I’ve had my eye on this place since it first came across my radar a year or so ago.  It’s not cheap, but then a true combination of style and luxury never is.

Located in the Bouddi National Park on NSWs Central Coast, only three villas make up the accommodations here, each with their own plunge pool.

If we feel like meandering down to the beach (and a beautiful one it is, was lucky enough to be there on Australia Day) we can choose to be guided there taking a scenic bushwalk route, or can go solo (carrying thoughtfully packed, personalised Pretty Beach House backpacks.)

What really gets me though, are the all-inclusive meals designed by chef extraordinaire Stefano Manfredi.

A pregnant gal needs her vices and boy oh boy is mine great food – can think of nothing better than lazing around a lap pool in secluded bushland, sampling the delights of a renowned chef.

So why am I waiting?  Well, the price for one.  And two?  All inclusive means alcohol included – seems a shame to let specially selected fine wines go to waste, non?

Wolgan Valley Resort

Another pick that doesn’t quite fall into the budget category, at almost $2,000 per night (they do, however, have a some specials which brings the price down a tad).

This beauty is located in the Blue Mountains and takes around three hours to get to from Sydney (or just 45 minutes by helicopter if you want to dip into baby’s trust fund).

Wolgan Valley Resort (picture courtesy of Gourmet Traveller)

Again, each self-contained villa has its own pool and the price includes all meals and selected beverages.

One thing (apart from the price) that has me hesitating is that the resort offers some great activities like horse riding and mountain biking that sound perfect…for someone who isn’t pregnant.

Still, if we make a property market killing you’ll find me here (actually you wont find me, Ill be in my private villa).

Now if only they would put together some kind of babymoon package with pregnancy massages, ahhhhh.

Other honourable mentions have to go to Bedarra Island, Qualia and Southern Ocean Lodge, Kangaroo Island. Yum. Yum. Yum.

Bedarra Island Resort...*sigh*

But – if it turns out we don’t get the money we were after from the property sale?  I’m more than happy to hotfoot it to any of these locales:

Bells at Killcare – comprising Stefano Manfredi’s hatted restaurant of the same name, and sister venue to Pretty Beach House.  I love the idea of the cook yourself gourmet breakfast hamper – maintain your privacy (ie walk around in your underwear) and feel like a Michelin star chef at the same time.

Artist’s Cottage @ Port Douglas – whimsical holiday rental in Port Douglas, for a self contained holiday that packs some heat.  Might be a goer when stinger season is over and bub, the BF and I need to get out of the cold Sydney winter.

If anyone else has some babymoon suggestions I’d love to hear from you!  Until then I’ll keep dreaming…


January 13, 2011

taking baby on holiday – the fine line between genius and insanity

Here’s how the daydream goes:  after a long, restful sleep in a gorgeous waterfront villa, my partner and I awake to play with our gorgeous, smiling bundle of joy (who is about three months old at this stage).

After a quick feed for baby, the BF and I settle down to a sumptuous breakfast of tropical fruits, delicate pastries and strong, sweet coffee.

The three of us head down to the beach and settle under sum palm trees, swaying in the breeze, to watch the sunlight play on the water and some locals go about their daily business.

After another quick (but entirely fulfilling) feed for babe we hand him/her over to a smiling local mama to  lie down for an hour long head to toe massage and then – so soon! – it’s time for a decadent three course lunch.  For the purposes of this daydream this is accompanied by a cocktail or two, possibly in a pineapple and definitely with an umbrella.

I don’t often voice this daydream because as soon as I mention I’m planning (well, thinking about) a holiday with a new baby I’m met with guffaws, raised eyebrows, concern, or a mixture of the three.

What’s so wrong with my dream?

Nothing, in my mind.  But as others have pointed out, plenty. 

Firstly – the long, lazy sleeps (all through the night) are an impossibility, or so I’m told.  Frequent naps may be an option but rather than a refreshing moment of shut-eye after a meal, they will be the only shut eye I get.

And the usual aspects of tropical travel such as heat, lack of schedule and possibly questionable hygiene will be magnified with a baby on board.

All is not lost however.  Dugald Jellie recently wrote an article in the Herald, Baby steps in Bali, that borders on inspirational.

While he does say that the trip is reminiscent of a sequel to Eat Pray Love, “Cry, Poo, Dribble” there are plenty of good pointers and reassurance that a holiday with a young baby is, in fact, possible.

Has anyone else pursued this potentially idiotic dream? Maybe I should stick with the babymoon…