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January 6, 2011

let’s talk about sex (and by sex, i mean poo)

The issue of the day is poo.  And I’m not trying to use child-friendly speak here rather than say ‘issues of the day are shit’.  I really just want to talk about poo. And not baby poo either. 

About ten years ago, around the time my eldest sister had her first baby, I discovered that while giving birth it’s common for women to let go of something normally reserved for the privacy of a bathroom.

This idea festered in the back of my mind without causing me much concern, like knowing you can catch diseases from sharing needles – neither applied to me.  Then I found out I was pregnant.

Since then I don’t think a day has passed when I haven’t thought about the birth process and what I might give birth to – other than a baby that is.

Seasoned mums (and probably some new mums as well) are at this stage probably thinking ‘get over yourself” but I keep coming back to this issue.

It has even dissuaded me from the idea of a water birth – I don’t want to be literally knee deep in shit!  Neither does my partner who, when reading that men can join their partners in the birthing bath, seemed to follow my train of thought…

It doesn’t look like I’m alone here either, according to NursingBirth, pooping during labour was one the most popular search items on the blog.

I wonder what other people think about the issue of poo during child birth – or is it  a non-issue?  Did it happen to you? Does it happen to everyone?  Can you stop it, or would you bother to even try?