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February 20, 2011

storm in a D-cup

So I finally went to get fitted for maternity/nursing bras yesterday. 

I honestly don’t know why it’s taken me so long considering a) I outgrew my regular bras pretty much as soon as I fell pregnant b) I’m (usually) quite the advocate for properly fitting undergarments and c) I’ve always been a more regular buyer of pretty underwear than any other item of clothing.

But for whatever reason, six months down the pregnancy path I found myself in a change room being pushed and prodded by the bra fitter.

What surprised me was the number of lovely bras that were available in the maternity section.  

My only other experience with maternity/nursing bras came from my sister who gave me a couple of that had never fitted her, and they were totally snooze inducing. 

That being said, she shops almost exclusively from Bonds so I shouldn’t have been surprised (don’t get me wrong, nothing with a bit of Bonds for day to day). But I prefer something a bit more glamorous, even if you wouldn’t normally expect it from my generally casual getup.

So after a few hits and misses, I found a few lovely bras, and was told that my new size is a D-cup.  But not for long – apparently I’m due to outgrow these soon for a double-D – bring out the big guns!

This must be a pretty common size for pregnant ladies because as soon as I was told my new size I hotfooted it over to the racks to pick my size from my fave bras in the selection.  And lo and behold, there were none there.  Plenty of Bs, Cs, and Fs – but no Ds or double Ds (but isn’t that always the way?)

Looks like I’ll be taking this search online, as I have with all my other maternity gear.  I’ll be checking out hotmilk and elle mcpherson (my usual go-to brand) but I’d love to hear from anyone else who knows of some comfortable (yet a little bit spesh) brands online.

UPDATE: after a few hours trawling online I am now the proud owner of some lovely lingerie BUT it took me forever to find.  Easy to find some gorgeous styles, but in my size?  Not so lucky. Why, why, why do they always have only super small and super large sizes left?  Designers and manufactuers, hello!? Please unite and start producing more items in middle of the road sizes, thanks.  And thanks also to Trixan Body where I finally was able to locate my very average sized underwear!

February 15, 2011

on the plus side

A little while ago I posted on some of the unwanted side effects of pregnancy, but I don’t want anyone to think that it’s all doom and gloom – far from it.

Apart from the obvious reasons why it’s nice to have a baby on the way (bringing a new life into the world, strengthening the bond with your partner etc) there are definitely some other perks that can bring a smile to your face.

Some of these might seem trivial but, much like getting an unexpected discount when you get to the cash register, they can make your day.

Carte blanche to eat whatever you want

OK, so that may not be the case. But I’m used to eating (almost whatever) I want, so having that last bit of restriction lifted has been a real pleasure.

Afternoon tea? Sure. Ice cream for dessert? Why not! Feeling a bit hefty from all the extra food? That’s just the baby weight!

And while I wouldn’t condone eating EVERYTHING in sight, it sure is nice not to feel guilty about having seconds.

Public transport

Getting an almost guaranteed seat on the bus is another little joy that can really make the day end on a high note when you’ve finished work late and don’t feel you have the energy to smile (this quickly changes when someone offers you their seat, though).

If only there was a big sign above your head begging for a seat in those early days of pregnancy when the fatigue seems at its worst!

That pregnancy glow

I’m not sure about the whole ‘glow’ thing, as a matter of course.

Most women I’ve spoken to, have felt decidedly un-glowy during certain times in their pregnancy.

But while there are days when you feel as sexy as a beached whale, paying better attention to my health does make me feel a lot healthier and happier, at least from the inside!

And I know my liver is probably dancing for joy. Which brings me to…

No ohmygod moments after too many vinos

Not everyone will get this one, but I love my wine (and beer, vodka etc). And I’ve been known to enjoy more than a couple on an embarrassingly large number of occasions in my pre-pregnancy life.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with anyone letting their hair down once in a while but if you’re like me you tend to shoot off at the mouth a bit (or a lot). And get a bit silly (insane/stupid/obnoxious).

So it’s great to wake up on a Sunday morning knowing I didn’t do anything to embarrass myself or offend anyone.

Shopaholics paradise So many excuses – sorry, important reasons – to shop!

Asos Maternity

Clothes for me (just discovered Asos Maternity, woo-ee), clothes for baby, clothes for me for after the baby, nursery gear…there are so many essentials to sort out that you pretty much won’t have time to even look at the real money wasters (that too tight frock for your old flatmate’s brothers party that you just know you’ll only wear once).

And to make sure I spend my hard earned dough in all the right places, I also get to indulge in extra glossies to satisfy my ridiculous obsession – Cosmo Pregnancy (what a joy!), Shop 4 Kids, Inside Out, Vogue Living (for the nursery, dahling).

There are plenty more to add to the list (a babymoon, well-deserved time off work and no heavy lifting to name just a few), but it’s time to put my feet up and have a bowl of ice cream.

February 9, 2011

be a sexy incubator

Check out some hot tips from HOTmilk (surely the sauciest maternity lingerie around) on how to look awesome and feel comfortable for the full nine months and beyond (as posted on Essential Baby):

HOTmilks guide to the perfect maternity bra

Oh, is that Valentines Day just around the corner??

And if you think you’re working your bump better than Heidi Klum, Angel Maternity (check them out for awesome work and weekend wear) are looking for their next angel – details here.

If you’re between three and eight months pregnant and can get to Castle Hill in Sydney for the photo shoot, you could be the star of their next campaign (and win a maternity wardrobe).  The pics would be a great momento for the offspring!

January 6, 2011

enough with the lycra already! maternity wear woes

I think I might be alone here, but is there anyone else out there who wants to avoid lycra during pregnancy?

I didn’t wear it before, and I’m not about to start now.

Checking out what’s available online, and in my current fash-bible Cosmo Pregnancy (who would’ve thought I’d fall in love with Cosmo again after our affair ended all those years ago?) most maternity designers fall into two camps.

The lovely lycra brigade – lovely, if you’re 21 and/or don’t have any lumps, bumps or bulges.  Or the cutesy pie team for women who want to look pregnant circa 1982.  Oh, I forgot a third player – the maxi dress brigade.  Nice for a BBQ, but hardly the thing for work.

It’s only been recently that I’ve begun to look into maternity gear – the sack-like fashions of the past few years have meant I’ve been able to wear my usual clothes, up until now. 

Well, some of my usual clothes anyway.  I realised how limited my wardrobe was when I had dinner with a friend the other night and she said “gee, youre really getting some mileage out of that dress”!  So I knew it was time to hit the shops.

But while I was excited by the excuse to buy a new wardrobe, the buzz was short lived (a disappointment in itself, buzzes being hard to come by these days).

While I wouldn’t say I’m fat (depending on which day you ask me), skin tight clingy numbers have never really done wonders for my pear-esque frame, and it’s not just me that doesn’t suit VPLs, let alone VBLs (that’s visible bra lines to you).

I did manage to find a few cute dresses that weren’t so body-con (glad that’s dying down, btw) on Queen Bee, but I also don’t fancy shelling out $250+ on what would be described as a nice sack by most of the men in my life.

Am sure I’ll return to the ‘Bee if I need a pretty little something NOT made out of jersey but for now I’ve made some purchases from Angel Maternity which I’m eagerly awaiting – nothing too exciting in the fashion stakes but they look like good basics.

What are other girls doing out there? 

After a quick search of a few blogs like from dates to diapers and the simple things, at least a few people agree that finding comfortable, affordable, flattering AND fashionable maternity challege can be a challenge (come to think about it – finding comfortable, affordable, flattering and fashionable fashion at any stage in life is difficult at best!).

Any tips for me on great maternity wear? Or maybe everyone else is fine with maternity bandage dresses and/or floral muu muus?

UPDATE:  my gorgeous dresses arrived from Angel Maternity – one in particular I dont want to take off – ever. 

my deliciously comfortable new angel maternity dress

Liz Lidecker has some great ideas on how to look fashionable while not spending the earth on maternity gear – excellent inspiration!